Jack links variety pack - teriyaki - original - sweet /u0026 hot beef jerky

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Jack Links Variety Bag 9 pk - 1.25 oz. bags

It began with treasured family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Today Jack Link's is America's favorite meat snack. Take home three of the best and most unique flavors--Original Hickory Smokehouse Jerky, Sweet & Hot Jerky and Teriyaki Tender Bites -- each wrapped individually for ultimate, on-the-go convenience. High Protein, but low in fat, calories, and carbs -- snacking has never been easier or more satisfying than with the Jack Link's Variety Pack.

•Perfect for on the go snacking, lunches and after a work-out

•Three delicious flavors: Teriyaki Tender Bites, Original Hickory Smokehouse Beef Jerky and Sweet Hot Beef Jerky

•Premium Cuts of Meat

•High in protein

•Low in fat, calories and carbs

•Convenient snacking bags

•12 separate 1.25 oz. bags / 4 of each flavor

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