Corpse Bride ~ Animation/Fantasy Johnny Depp Tim Burton Comedy Movie DVD

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Corpse Bride

Victor (Johnny Depp) and Victoria's (Emily Watson) families have arranged their marriage. Though they like each other, Victor is nervous about the ceremony. While he's in a forest practicing his lines for the wedding, a tree branch becomes a hand that drags him to the land of the dead. It belongs to Emily, who was murdered after eloping with her love and wants to marry Victor. Victor must get back aboveground before Victoria marries the villainous Barkis Bittern (Richard E. Grant).

Release date: September 16, 2005 (USA)

Directors: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson

Box office: 117.2 million USD

Screenplay: Tim Burton, Caroline Thompson, Pamela Pettler, John August

Johnny Depp as Victor Van Dort

Helena Bonham Carter as Emily

Emily Watson as Victoria Everglot

Tracey Ullman as Nell Van Dort and Hildegarde

Paul Whitehouse as William Van Dort, Mayhew and Paul

Joanna Lumley as Maudeline Everglot

Albert Finney as Finis Everglot and Grandfather Everglot

Richard E. Grant as Barkis Bittern

Christopher Lee as Pastor Galswells

Michael Gough as Elder Gutknecht

Jane Horrocks as The Black Widow and Mrs. Plum

Enn Reitel as Maggot and Town Crier

Deep Roy as General Bonesapart

Gary Martin as General Wellington and Fat Chef

Danny Elfman as Bonejangles

Stephen Ballantyne as Emil

Lisa Kay as Solemn Village Boy

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