Sixteen Candles ~ Flashback Edition ~ Movie Comedy DVD

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Sixteen Candles

Directed by John Hughes

Produced by   
Hilton A. Green
Michelle Manning
Ned Tanen

Written by John Hughes

Molly Ringwald
Paul Dooley
Justin Henry
Anthony Michael Hall

Music by Ira Newborn

Cinematography Bobby Byrne

Edited by    Edward Warschillka

Production company
Universal Pictures
Channel Productions

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release date: May 4, 1984

Running time: 93 minutes

High school sophomore Samantha "Sam" Baker struggles to go through the day on her 16th birthday, which her entire family has forgotten about because her older sister, Ginny, is getting married the next day. She is also infatuated with a popular and attractive senior, Jake Ryan. At school, she fares no better when she finds out that a completed "sex quiz" which she tried to surreptitiously slip to her friend Randy, never reached her and, unbeknownst to either of them, was picked up by Jake. Despite her name not being on the quiz, Sam is still a bit panicked because the quiz contains sensitive information, such as how she is a virgin and is saving herself for Jake.

During gym class, Jake opens up to his friend Rock, admitting that he feels like things with his girlfriend Caroline have become stagnant. He also tells him how he thinks it is cool that he keeps catching Sam looking at him.

Meanwhile, an outgoing geeky freshman named Ted is in love with Sam. On the school bus ride home, he tries to hit on her, only to have her spurn him with some trash-talk before she gets off.

At home, Sam has a whole new set of problems when she discovers that all four of her grandparents are staying at the Baker home during the wedding. One set of grandparents has brought along a bizarre Chinese foreign exchange student, Long Duk Dong. The grandparents force Sam to take him along to her school's senior dance that night and, to Sam's amazement, it takes the "Donger" only five minutes to find an unlikely girlfriend—the tall, large-breasted jock, Marlene.

As the freshmen hang out at the gym, Ted's two best friends Bryce and Cliff watch as Ted crashes and burns after he once again hits on Sam and fails, with an upset Sam running off. Undeterred by this latest rejection, Ted accepts a bet from his friends that he can score with Sam. For proof, they need Ted to bring them her panties. While Jake and Caroline are slow dancing, Jake sees Ted's interaction with Sam. He later asks Ted what he knows about her. Shocked that a senior is talking to him, Ted opens up a bit and boldly states that Ted hopes to take Sam home with him after the dance.

Looking for some solace, Sam finds her way to the school's auto shop. Ted finds her and sees that she is still upset. She opens up to Ted, telling him how disappointed she was with her family forgetting her birthday. Sam also confesses her love for Jake. Upon hearing this, Ted tells her that Jake had asked about her at the dance, and they agree that Sam should just go and talk to him. As she is leaving, Ted reveals the wager he made with his friends, so Sam agrees to let him borrow her panties.

After Ted, Cliff, and Bryce have an impromptu peep show in the boys' bathroom to show off the panties, they head over to Jake's house for the dance's after-party. Almost immediately, the trio find themselves in an awkward situation, knocking over a huge beer can pyramid. Disgusted by Caroline's drunkenness and the mess she and her friends have made of his house, Jake heads to his bedroom to be alone and tracks down Sam's phone number after finding her picture in the school yearbook. He tries to call her, only to get tongue-tied when her grandparents answer instead.

At night's end, Jake takes in the scene of his parent's trashed house. While cleaning up, Jake finds Ted trapped under a table, and they talk. Jake inquires further about Sam, and Ted explains the situation. Jake makes a deal with Ted: If Jake gets to return the panties to Sam, then Ted gets to drive a very drunk Caroline home in Jake's father's Rolls Royce. Ted stops at Bryce & Cliff's house to get them to take a picture of him and the drunk prom queen.

The next morning, Jake goes to Sam's house, only to have a hungover Donger miscommunicate that Sam was at church getting married. In the church parking lot, Jake finds Caroline and Ted making out in the back of his dad's banged-up Rolls. With this turn of events, Jake and Caroline mutually agree that it is time for them to break up and remain friends. Jake then drives to the church just in time to meet an incredulous Sam after her sister's wedding.

The film concludes with Sam and Jake sharing a kiss over a birthday cake with 16 candles. Jake tells her to make a wish, but Sam says that her wish has already come true.

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