16 Ounce Cayenne Pepper Seasoning Spice Seafood Food ~ 1lb container

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Cayenne Pepper SEASONING 16oz 

Organic cayenne pepper is an extremely versatile spice that can be added to virtually any dish to give it a burst of heat and flavor. It can be used in sauces, glazes, in dry rubs or even applied directly to items themselves. Cayenne pepper is used in almost every culinary culture around the world as well. From Greece, you can make spicy beef kabobs with your choice of vegetables all sprinkled with a mixture of garlic, onion and cayenne. You can also go Mediterranean and make a shrimp, clams and scallops pasta by tossing those items in a spicy tomato sauce that has been seasoned with oregano, garlic, black pepper and plenty of cayenne pepper.

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